Best class to day

Hey litle bogg! I have misst you! Thought I could do some up dateing now when I'm wating for Emma. Her rehearsal end's at 00.00 and I don't feeling to go home alone in the dark tonight.  Today we had 2 hour's after school physical theater! I love it!  It's the best thing ever! LOVE LOVE! I wish we had more stuff like that in Sweden!
So fucking cool!

And I'm so happy no its just the last EXAMS this weekend and next week and them it a 2 week break! I really need A break so can go bookers at the tv at home. Really this 3 term as been so good! My acting going so much forward! Yay. Life is going smoood! Been quit nice to work in the school during week days as well this term becouse we had professional opra singers come in and have rehearsal's for big stuff! So nice tro hear them sing!


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