Move night

Saw the film Nine today when I came home after a long day out on town.
Two ords! Looove it! What a good and nice move! Love, love, love!

"Guido Contini (Daniel Day-Lewis) is a gifted Italian filmmaker who, at the age of fifty, has developed writer's block and urges all the women in his life, alive and dead, to help him with it - his mind wanders to his unfinished set, where dozens of dancers and the film’s leading ladies appear – first Claudia Jenssen (Nicole Kidman), his leading lady; then Luisa (Marion Cotillard), his wife; Carla (Penelope Cruz), his mistress; Lilli (Judi Dench), his costume designer; his beloved Mamma (Sophia Loren); Stephanie (Kate Hudson), an American fashion journalist fromVogue; and finally Saraghina (Fergie), a prostitute from his childhood; ("Overture Delle Donne"). It is 1965, and at the famous Cinecittà movie studios, in Rome, 'everyone has questions for Signor Contini.'"



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