Last day's now

Okeeeey ppl! Today I had sing exam and historical dance. Sing was okey..I don't know I stated to cry during rehsal before the "juges" or what to say came. Goood, don't know whats up with me this day..allot of crying going on XD But It was cool, I pulld it together in the end. The historical dance exam was so much fun! I think we did 8 diffrent dances ( from 1700-1800) so some Jane Astun stuff as well, very nice! The only unexpeted thing that happen was  when me and Liam did the waltz the cackt my toe XD BLOOOD EVERYWERE! But it was quit hardcore to dance with a bleeding toe. Not every day. And tomorrow stagt combat and circus exam! That means I'm going to kick someone ass with my swords (lovely) I love hiting ppl ( blink) and on it's just physical theatre on friday - But that is going to be so cool so I can't wait, then it's HOME TO SWEDEN!


Jag är lycklig

I did it!

  • WOOOHOOOO idag hade vi prov i jazz, step dans och ackrobatik! Dem two forsta gick shit bra! Sjukt kul. Vi borjade dag med Step danse - rutinen handlar om "pose people going wild" so much fun.  Stared with some nice tap  steps to going wild and figthing. My cute dress dons't smell not to good right now...won't be wearing that for a while.
  • Then we had som other stuff and after lunch we had ACKRO! Seriost! I was crying befor I went up for the Judge and when I went back down to the locker room. Omg I was so scared, haha wtf I did my jumps and head stand, so now it's not any stuff untill september -  I save my tears for that. MY face was so svulland after all that crying and now I have a propper headick but wtf I did and I'm very proud!
  • After ackro we went for the JAZZ! WE did a rutin from " Bugsy Malone",  we wasr playing starvning children from the street. God it was so fun to dress up as in the 20's.

(this was the song for the jazz)


OHHH really looking forward to comeing home and go absolutly BOOOKERS! AND party!

Best class to day

Hey litle bogg! I have misst you! Thought I could do some up dateing now when I'm wating for Emma. Her rehearsal end's at 00.00 and I don't feeling to go home alone in the dark tonight.  Today we had 2 hour's after school physical theater! I love it!  It's the best thing ever! LOVE LOVE! I wish we had more stuff like that in Sweden!
So fucking cool!

And I'm so happy no its just the last EXAMS this weekend and next week and them it a 2 week break! I really need A break so can go bookers at the tv at home. Really this 3 term as been so good! My acting going so much forward! Yay. Life is going smoood! Been quit nice to work in the school during week days as well this term becouse we had professional opra singers come in and have rehearsal's for big stuff! So nice tro hear them sing!

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