Pisst of hole day

Still in school. Been doing some study on the mind and have people live and, why we are like we..."Hmmm, yes very interesting". But now I'm finally going home!!! I'm going to paint my nails, do some food, watch some " sex and the city"...just enjoy my own time and be really girlish
  • Today I have been so angry, all fucking day! Serious, I can see I been a vies Kant to everybody in my surrounding today. Just wanted to kill everybody that came to close to me and eat them alive.  I couldn't even stay in the yoga class this morning because I was so angry and upset. I had to go out and puct the wall and cry a bit so I could cool down. LOL! Sometimes I'm so silly! I have to stop thinking people want to hurt me or think that they have evil thoughs about me... It's just me who think they think things about me. XD AHHHAA!!  I serious have to stop being so silly! OMG I get angry right now to by just writing it XD We where doing some 3 point head stands in yoga today and could see I started to get so upset ju by not getting up on my first try (LAAAME). After that... I was ready to goo, ready to cry and give up  my acting life and personal enjoyment and just die. NO, NO ,NO! I have to go home and think this throgh. Kiss and good night! Dam I wish I was really hansom right now, then I could just walk around being fuckibal, not care about anything ....like Elves XD Good night


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