I did it!

  • WOOOHOOOO idag hade vi prov i jazz, step dans och ackrobatik! Dem two forsta gick shit bra! Sjukt kul. Vi borjade dag med Step danse - rutinen handlar om "pose people going wild" so much fun.  Stared with some nice tap  steps to going wild and figthing. My cute dress dons't smell not to good right now...won't be wearing that for a while.
  • Then we had som other stuff and after lunch we had ACKRO! Seriost! I was crying befor I went up for the Judge and when I went back down to the locker room. Omg I was so scared, haha wtf I did my jumps and head stand, so now it's not any stuff untill september -  I save my tears for that. MY face was so svulland after all that crying and now I have a propper headick but wtf I did and I'm very proud!
  • After ackro we went for the JAZZ! WE did a rutin from " Bugsy Malone",  we wasr playing starvning children from the street. God it was so fun to dress up as in the 20's.

(this was the song for the jazz)


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